Experience the actual ordering flow and
recommended features through online demo.

TTO Demo

TTO端末 MAXNAVI neo オンラインデモ

This demo allows you to experience the actual order flow
from “order”, “received”, “complete”. Advanced and user friendly features.

First, please choose a business nature

  • 寿司居酒屋
  • 焼肉
  • レストラン

Please select demo mode

Regular order flow

  • 1. Menu selection.Show details
  • 2. Confirm order.Add on sales
  • 3. Confirm order

Flow from menu selection to
order confirmation

  • Pop Up recommendation
  • Real time sales
  • Multilingual display
  • Menu timer
  • Order ranking questionnaire・video
  • First Order wizard

Please view other useful functions above

  • Other functions

Payment confirmation (split) / warning・notice / screen saver

  • Grill
  • Snacks and Appetizers
  • Alcohol
  • Fried
  • Salad
    • Kids Menu
    • Dessert
  • Sashimi・Sushi
    • Service
    • Video

Please check your order

  • 1/1


  • Large French Fries380YEN

  • Salted Squid Guts600YEN

  • Mozuku Seaweed with Vinegar600YEN

Howʼ bout another dish?

  • Is these all you
    are ordering?
  • Confirm
  • please inform staff to amend order

Please confirm your order

  • 1/1
  • Would you like to send your order?
  • Yes
  • Touch YES to send order
  • No
  • Touch NO to return to previous page

Checkout confirmation screen

  • 1/1
  • Key in the pax no for auto split calculation.
  • split bill

    Number of guests

    per person
  • Proceed to Payment
  • Back to Menu
  • Back
  • Skip
  • Send Order0

How about ordering drink first.

    Menu which can be served soonest.

      Our special!

        Order ranking

        • Close

        Please answer the questionnaire.

        • Close
        • Back
        • Next
        • Submit

        Q1How was the service?

        Q2How was the atmosphere?

        Q3How was the food?

        Animation for children

        • Close

        • MovieText

        • MovieText

        • MovieText

        • MovieText

        • MovieText

        • MovieText

        • MovieText

        • MovieText
        YEN(Excl Tax)

        YEN(Excl Tax)
        Order Close

        Allergy Information

          Your order contains alcohol.

          We are prohibited to serve alcohol to underage / driver.
          Are you?

          Recommended NOW menu
          • Cancel
          • Send Order0

          • YEN


          • YEN


          • YEN


          • 380YEN


          Tuna just filleted.

          Hand rolled 50pcs, Sliced raw fish 10 dishes, first come first serve.

          • 0 items ordered

          • 0 items ordered

          • Close

          Confirm order at [Order] button
          Out of order sometime

          “Drinks Free Flow” ends in


          “Drinks Free Flow”
          Timeʼs Up!
          Thank you for dining with us.

          • OK
          View of selected menu
          Ordered menu list can be viewed. [+] [-] buttons on the right to add minus quantity.
          Discount on next add-on
          A sale push before customer confirm order. Recommend overlooked or temptations menu.
          Confirm order
          Press [Confirm Order] and proceed to final confirmation screen.
          Confirm selected menu
          View and confirm quantity before ordering.
          Confirm order
          Press and order will be confirmed.
          Return to order list
          Press and return to menu list, change of contents is available.
          Warning Advise
          Attention message will be shown at ordering.
          Ex: Age confirmation at alcohol order.
          Order confirm screen
          Message after complete order. Touch on the message and it will disappear, then return to menu selection screen.
          Pop Up recommendation
          Suggest certain menu to customer at specified timing. Timely recommendation; such as rice after 60 mins, dessert after 90 mins of dining.
          During menu selection, other than selected menu, other pop ups will not appear.
          Menu selection is not available at this demo.
          (Pop Up recommendation showed after
          seconds)Pop Up recommendation showed.
          Pop Up recommendation screen
          Decide ordering quantity using the [+], [-] buttons then press [Order] buttons to deliver/confirm order
          Order confirm screen
          Message after complete order. Touch on the message and it will disappear, then return to menu selection screen.
          Real time sales
          Limited menu countdown! Urge customer to order.
          While ordering menu, other than the picture of the selected menu, real time sales will not be displayed.
          Menu selection not available at this demo.
          (Real time sales displayed automatically after
          seconds.)Real time sales showed at once.
          Real time sales
          Press [Order] button to order, the remaining number will reduce.
          Press [Back] button to return to ordering screen
          Multilingual display
          A necessary function at this globalized society. 11 languages available.
          Language selection
          Can change to a few languages. Ex, click [English] and all menu and operations buttons will change to English. On the web site, English and Chinese’s functions can be viewed partially.
          Language Function
          Currently, the 11 languages below is available.
          • English
          • 简体中文:Chinese
          • 繁體中文:Cantonese
          • 日本語:Japanese
          • 한국어:Korean
          • Español:Spanish
          • Português:Portugese
          • Pусский:Russian
          • Français:French
          • العربية:Arabian
          • Italiano:Italian
          Menu timer
          Notify customer “Time’s Up” at dining with time limit.
          Menu timer
          Notify customer “Time’s Up” at dining with time limit.
          Menu Ranking features
          Popular and recommended menus can be published.
          Feedback features
          Replacing paper questionnaire with user friendly survey on screen. Generate reports with ease.
          Video features
          Video can be played while customer is waiting for dish to be served.
          First Order wizard
          Recommend “First drink”, “Quick menu” which can be served soon to customer once they are seated.
          Screen saver
          Commercials and videos will be played automatically after leaving untouched for a specific time.
          Warning Advise
          Attention message will be shown at ordering.
          Ex: Age confirmation at alcohol order.
          As alert message can be displayed, confirmation can be prompted at alcohol ordering.
          Confirm billing , Split function
          Confirm ordered list, show split price.
          Try again Use flexibly Back to function menu
          Set Order Limit
          At this demo, order limit is set up to quantity 99 per order.
          Limit order quantity
          Limit on ordering quantity can be set. (1pc / 1pax at one order)
          Back to operation menu Back to function menu Close guidance Feature guidance
          • ※The speed of demo you experienced might be slower than the actual demo, based on your internet connectivity,
          • ※For a better online demo experience, the below browsers are recommended.
            Internet Explorer 10 & above /Google Chrome latest vers. /Fire Fox latest vers.
            Please note that Internet Explorer versions below 10 and smartphone are not suitable.