Market share and Volume of ALMEX KIOSK terminal systems


ALMEX payment Check-In KIOSK

Today, kiosk payment units have become a familiar presence at hospitals, hotels, and golf courses. Such units were first developed in the boutique hotel business in order to increase user convenience and also raise the efficiency of operations through automated handling of payments. Since going on sale in 1983, the technology has developed over time with improvements in function and design, and even greater convenience has been achieved for both payment unit user and operator. Responding to the requests of customers, as the leader of the payment unit industry, we will continue to work nonstop to introduce even more technical innovations geared to meeting the needs of the times. Various types of units (kiosk returning patient reception units, over-the-counter payment machines, hotel front kiosk payment units, and card issue units) are already being put to good use in diverse places, including hospitals (medical institutions), golf courses, hotels, boutique hotels, etc.