ALMEXfs Kiosks (Automatic Payment System) for Service Businesses


Almex is a supplier of comprehensive solution systems and kiosk payment systems for a multitude of applications. Our main products are Interactive Kiosk, hotel management systems, customer management systems, sales management systems, reception and information display systems, and video distribution systems (content service). Our customer base is diverse. We serve hotels of all types as well as hospitals and other medical facilities, golf courses, and many other businesses. Almex has grown steadily since its inception in 1966. Through the years, we have concentrated on three business domains. First is products and kiosk payment systems for the business operations of large hospitals. Second is administrative systems and kiosk payment systems for boutique hotels. Third is kiosk payment systems for golf course operators. By offering innovative products and ideas, we have established leading market shares in all three domains.

Major social and economic changes are altering our operating environment. The pace of progress involving globalization, information technology and social networks is accelerating. To succeed, we must not be satisfied with our current accomplishments. Everyone at Almex must break away from our current mindset so that we can use changes and crisis as a means of opening the way to new pathways for growth. Our goal is to become the dominant supplier of solutions in the business domains that we created and lead, as well as in peripheral domains. I want Almex to be a company that constantly evolves in order to achieve this goal. Goals should be the result of much thought. At Almex, we aim for goals with a passion and strong commitment based on the knowledge that we are doing what is best for our customers and society. First, we will thoroughly study our customers’ changing needs. Then we will extensively update our current products and services while developing new ones. We will also focus on innovation with the primary objective of entering new business domains. This is how we aim to achieve growth from within. In addition, we will strengthen our ties with USEN. We are determined to fully utilize all resources of the USEN Group so that we can continue to meet our customers’ diverse expectations. Second, we will continue to provide customers with safe and reliable maintenance services. One way is by establishing the best possible sales and technical services network. We will also further improve our sales, technology and development skills and upgrade our data center and call center operations. Overall, we will enact reforms that will enable us to earn the absolute trust of our customers. Third, we will use R&D programs and quality assurance measures to supply products with excellent quality and precision and systems with outstanding performance. Reinforcing employee training and our financial soundness are two more goals. We also plan to further improve our internal controls. By building a powerful infrastructure through these actions, we want to continue to be a reliable partner for our customers and society. Almex offers client companies an integrated lineup of support and services extending from the entry points to the exit points of their customers. Everyone at our company is committed using this capability to be a powerful partner for assisting in the growth of our customers. This is why we are focused on growing from within, continuing to earn the trust of customers, and remaining a reliable company that is a necessary member of society. All of these goals are further underpinned by our determination to achieve sustained growth in our corporate value.

President and Representative Director SHOHEI MABUCHI