Ordering System (e-Menu) with ALMEX's Japanese Quality for Restaurants


The MAXNAVI neo Order Placement Kiosk and other products create solutions that eliminate waste and boost efficiency

TTO System

TTO (Table Top Ordering System) , e-menu
The touch panel makes it easy to place restaurant orders as well as to supply fortune telling, games and other content and even show advertisements. The inclusion of FeliCa contactless IC card compatibility allows these units to be used as a new type of interactive tool, toog.
Durability, thin and light design with a special case with a drip-proof function !
Easy to hold – embossed processing
With the latest CPU and flexible customizability !!
Using Android OS, intuitive operability and a variety of functions, application implementation is possible.
Spending per customer UP by PUSH type menu !!
From the customers trend, the menu creation which is connected to more increase in sales was achieved. Not only to reduce labour costs, also to “sales UP & Branding”
Long battery life !!
It can be operated even on the tables that is difficult for the electrical outlet wiring.
IC chip-mounting !!
Allows member registration and customer management by the IC chip, can be expected operational efficiency UP.
窶弋ogether Choose窶, Equipped with easy to see beautiful HD display of 178-degree viewing angle !!
Four languages support
  • Customers select the language on the screen and start using
Floor Manager
Systems include all functions and analysis capabilities needed at check-out counters.
Wating System
Smartly designed system assures smooth reception and payment
*For equipment specifications are subject to change without notice
Size 285緕 (W) テ 203緕 (H) テ 17.5緕( D)
Weight 940g
OS Android
Display 10.1 TFT Touch Screen (1,280 テ 800 : WXGA)

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