Introduction to payment KIOSK systems for Hospital


All-inclusive hospital service systems extending from reception to examinations,
hospital care and payments

Efficiently handles large volumes of reception procedures.
This system incorporates expertise gained from many years of providing reception systems for applications ranging from university hospitals to small clinics in order to make every aspect of reception operations much more efficient. The development of system solutions that look ahead to future needs of users results in fast and thorough support for medical institutions while incorporating the operating methods of each location.

Benefits (Examples)

  • Performs reception procedures efficiently
  • Reduces waiting times for patients
  • Eliminates wasted time
  • Protects privacy
  • Improves satisfaction for patients and employees

ASTA’s Total Solutions

ASTA products offer many advantages even when used individually. But combining a number of models can yield even more improvements by increasing sales, reducing the number of employees and making all tasks more efficient. Furthermore, customization to precisely match specific needs can yield even greater benefits.

Shorter Waiting Times

Automatic Returning Patient Reception Unit
Hospital personnel can perform reception procedures with speed and accuracy by using an automatic reception unit for confirming an individual窶冱 identity and appointment and receiving consent for terms and conditions. Individuals can complete the reception process quickly, which reduces waiting times and crowding at hospitals. In addition, the ease of operations lowers the need for employees because hospital personnel can perform tasks in a much shorter time.

Use time more productiviely

Queue and Information System
Monitors allow patients to follow the status of their appointments, the receipt of medicine and payments. Providing this information allows patients to determine waiting times on their own. With this system, individuals can use their time more effectively and there are no annoyances caused by the absence of information. Hospitals and clinics benefit due to fewer complaints and elimination of the need to answer questions about waiting times. To protect privacy, monitors display only reception numbers.

Requires fewer employees

Automated Front Desk System (Kiosk System)
Patients can use credit cards to make payments with no assistance. Since hospital personnel no longer need to handle payments, they have more time to provide other services and care. Furthermore, this efficient and easy payment system reduces waiting times and crowding at hospitals.

Using the automated hospital system

Shown here is one of the many ways to use ASTA hospital systems. Actual configurations differ for each user due to customization for matching specific requirements.

An individual walks up to a kiosk.
The individual checks in for an appointment with the assistance of reception personnel. Next, the individual’s identify and payment information are confirmed and consent for terms and conditions is received.
The individual receives a number.
The individual waits until the number appears on the waiting room monitor and then goes to the designated examination room.
Next, the individual watches for his or her number on the medicine disbursement monitor and payment monitor to complete these procedures.
After receiving medicine, the individual uses the automatic payment unit (once his or her number has appeared). Making the payment completes the day’s visit to the hospital or clinic.

Benefits of using this system

Crowding caused by the need for hospital personnel to assist patients one by one with check-in and payment procedures.

No waiting time because patients themselves can perform reception tasks quickly and easily.

Inability to accommodate large numbers of patients due to an inadequate number of employees.

Automation of tasks previously performed manually gives employees more time for personalized patient services.

Annoyances caused by patients窶 inability to know how much longer to wait until being called for the medical examination.

Patients can use their time more effectively by knowing how much longer they need to wait.

Please contact ASTA concerning the customization of products and creation of solutions for specific requirements.

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