Introduction to Self Check-in and Payment Kiosk Systems for Hospitals


Hotel solution services accurately answer the needs of
hotels and their guests

ASTA knows how to solve your problems!
We never have enough workers. We spend too much time on menial tasks and not enough on jobs that matter the most. We want to increase customer satisfaction. ASTA supplies a variety of products that match the requirements of hotel operations in order to solve problems caused by the need to allocate too many resources to repetitive tasks.


  • Reduce problems created by an inadequate workforce
  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Complete various procedures faster
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of procedures

Automated front desk systems
offer many benefits

Automated Front Desk System

Automated check-in/check-out systems lower the amount of employee time needed because guests can complete procedures on their own. Guests no longer need to worry about confusing procedures or waiting in line for counter service, resulting in more pleasant hotel stays. Furthermore, the system gives the hotel staff more time for a variety of guest services.

Using the automated front desk system

Shown here is one of the many ways to use ASTA hotel systems. Actual configurations differ for each user due to customization for matching specific requirements.

Check in

A guest walks up to a kiosk.

The guest enters the reservation number and scans the hotel voucher bar code.

Confirmation of identity Japanese guest: Personal information Foreign guest: Passport or ID card

Select number of room keys

Room keys are issued to finish the check-in process.

Check out

The guest inserts all room keys in the kiosk.

A credit card is used to pay any additional charges.

Completion of the check-out process

Feedback from hotels using this kiosk

Time-consuming check-in/check-out procedures cause long lines in front of the reception.

With this system, we do not waste our guests’ time and there are no problems due to long waits.

Miscommunication due to different languages increases guests’ dissatisfaction.

The kiosk displays many languages, so guests from overseas can use it with ease.

Why choose ASTA?

All systems feature proven reliability and know-how based on use at hotels ranging from small inns to large hotel chains and full-service city-center hotels.
ASTA has developed system solutions that reflect the future requirements of hotels while preserving key elements of current hotel operations.
Speed and flexibility
A fast and thorough system for powerful support of hotel operations.

Please contact ASTA concerning the customization of products and creation of solutions for specific requirements.

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