ASTA providing KIOSK terminal and ordering systems in Asia


ASTA is building a network in Southeast Asia as a solution manufacturer.

Our goal is to be a company providing worldwide support to local societies and businesses.

Malaysia is the home of our first service-operation base, which will contain a locally focused sales organization and sophisticated engineering functions located in one of Southeast Asia’s major industrial cities.

Via our unique products, we will provide businesses across the Southeast Asian region with state-of-the-art technology and the latest information on knowhow cultivated in Japan. We will also contribute to the development of local industry and society as a solution manufacturer that customizes its products to fit the region.

We believe that ALMEX’s installation track record at medical institutions, lodgings, and other facilities in Japan will prove useful in enabling us to provide technology and operations needed in Southeast Asian countries now achieving rapid development and growth.

We are sure that you can have high expectations for ASTA, the first step in ALMEX’s overseas business.