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The Hotel Check-In System accelerates and optimizes hotel operations, making them more efficient and streamlined.

Inadequate staffing can result in sluggish business operations. To boost customer satisfaction, sales, and work efficiency, ASTA proudly presents our kiosk solution — an outcome of our extensive experience and expertise.

The problems

Customers frequently experience prolonged wait times during hotel check-in or payment sessions, encountering communication challenges. Receptionists also face with similar issues while processing customer information. This scenario consistently results in receptionists being unable to address customer requests promptly, leading to the neglect of other crucial tasks.

  • Inefficient Operation (Long Queue, Long Process etc)
  • Communication Anxiety (Language Barrier, Infection etc)
  • Staffing (Manpower Shortage/Rising Labor Cost)

The asta solution

Guests can utilize the Self Check-In Kiosk to independently complete the check-in/out processes, eliminating wait times and reducing stress. Additionally, this eases the burden on receptionists, making workforce allocation more efficient.

  • Faster Operation (2-3 mins)
  • High Hospitality User Interface
    (Multilingual Support, Voice Guidance, LED Indicator etc)

Case Study

Introducing Seamless Self-Check-In at Ascott Gurney Penang with ASTA's Cabinet Kiosk

Ascott Gurney Penang

ASTA is thrilled to announce the go-live of self check-in kiosk at Ascott Gurney Penang, aiming to revolutionizing their guests' experience. Click in to read more! Read More
Streamlining Your Stay: Introducing Self Check-In Kiosk at Thy Executive Hotel, Johor

Thy Executive Hotel

We are thrilled to announce ASTA's latest self check-in kiosk go-live at the Thy Executive Hotel experience in Johor! Click in to discover more. Read More
Introducing Self-Service Check-In Kiosks: A New Era of Convenience at Sotetsu Grand Frésa Saigon Hotel!

Sotetsu Grand Frésa Saigon Hotel

It is a pleasure to announce ASTA's first kiosk project in Vietnam together with one of the newly launched Sotetsu Hotels - Sotetsu Grand Frésa Saigon Hotel. Read More
More Case Study


Design Kiosk

Looking for a technological and modern ambiance check-in solution for your hotel?

Proudly made in Malaysia, our sleek and stylish design kiosk stands as one of the most preferred models for self-check-in. Supporting not only from booking search and identity verification, our kiosks dispense room cards and receipts once making sure the payment is processed successfully.

Customised Features:
✅ Kiosk's design, color, screen flow, promotions etc.
✅ Flexible devices installation
✅ Check-in, Walk-in, Check-out functions
✅ PMS & Keycard system interfaces
✅ Applicable for both cashless payment and cash!
✅ Multilingual selection
✅ AI concierge with up to 100 Q&A

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Cabinet Kiosk

Our check-in and check-out kiosk, encased in an aesthetically pleasing wooden cabinet, are designed to be compact. Our kiosks provide support beyond booking search and identity verification by dispensing room cards and receipts upon successful payment processing.

Customised Features:
✅ Kiosk's design, color, screen flow, promotions etc.
✅ Flexible devices installation
✅ Check-in, Walk-in, Check-out functions
✅ PMS & Keycard system interfaces
✅ Applicable for both cashless payment and cash!
✅ Multilingual selection

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(A) Booking Search

(B) Verify Guests Details

(C) Payment Process

Standard Kiosk

Imported directly from Japan, our standard automated self-service kiosk is the ideal choice if your hotel is seeking a basic unit with no compromise in quality.

Equipped Devices:
✅ Advertisement Screen
✅ Touch Screen Monitor
✅ ID card reader
✅ Passport Scanner
✅ Barcode Reader
✅ Credit Card Terminal*
✅ Thermal Printer
✅ Keycard Dispenser

Customisable Screen Flow
Check-in: https://youtu.be/EpqQdNNws28
Check-out: https://youtu.be/CPXbCg9kfuU
Walk-in: https://youtu.be/PUug0GRKrUM

Limited units with free kiosk wrapping are available for monthly rental packages.




Mobile Check In App

Wondered how might mobile check-in contribute to a more personalized and efficient service, ultimately leading to increased guest loyalty? 

✅ Speed up Check-in at Front Desk & Enable Quicker In-Room Operation
✅ Ability of guests to independently handle check-in operations allows hotel management to allocate staff workload more efficiently.
✅ Contactless and hygiene guest experience
✅ Customized System to Hotel Concept
✅ Able to integrate with the Hotel existing PMS system, Key Lock System, Membership System
✅ Linking with Payment Platform
✅ Multilingual Support
✅ Support both Andriod & iOS

✅ Pre Check-in: Booking, Booking History, Push Stay Notification, Hotel Information & Promotion etc.
✅ Stay: QR Check-in, Digital Key, Room Services, Wi-Fi Information etc.
✅ Check-out: Questionnaire, e-Receipt etc.

Cleaning Robots

We are excited to announce that Gausium’s cleaning robots are joining our product line-up for hotel category, as we strongly believe that the cleaning robots are capable of lightening the burdens of hotel staffs, while successfully ensuring proper cleaning is done.

✨All-in-one Floor Cleaning: Vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping and dust mopping.
✨Strong Passability & Floor Type Recognition

Vacuum 40
✨3-in-1 Cleaning with optional sanitizing/scenting diffusion.
✨24 KPA Powerful Suction + H13 HEPA Filter

Scrubber 50 
✨4-in-1 cleaning integrating scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping and sanitizing.
✨Auto Spot Cleaning with Minimal Human Intervention

Feel free to contact us for a free demonstration now!


  • Can ASTA Kiosk automate the registration process currently handled at our reception counter?
  • Certainly, we will assess your existing workflow before recommending the most suitable and cost-effective automation solution. ASTA Kiosk is capable of handling the tasks and responsibilities typically managed by receptionists.
  • Is it possible for ASTA Kiosk to integrate with our existing system?
  • Yes, we can integrate with your Property Management System (PMS) and Key Card System.
  • Is it possible to install ASTA Kiosk if we are not utilizing any Property Management System (PMS) or Booking Management system?
  • Certainly, we can introduce either our PMS partner or our internally developed Simple Booking System specifically designed for Kiosk usage.
  • Is it possible to customize the screen design and flow to align with the hotel's concept?
  • Certainly, we can develop and customize the screen design and flow according to your specifications. We will engage in discussions to collaboratively align your requirements with our knowledge and experience.
  • Is it possible to modify the color or design of ASTA Kiosk to complement our hotel's interior design?
  • Since the kiosks are proudly custom-made in Malaysia, we can offer personalized kiosks with a variety of designs and colors to align with your hotel concepts.
  • Are there options for language selection on the screen and voice guidance available?
  • Currently, we have incorporated English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese languages. We can also accommodate additional languages upon request.
  • We do not have sufficient budget.
  • We offer a range of kiosk models that can align with your budget. Alternatively, you have the option to install only our software on hardware devices you source independently, allowing for cost savings. Moreover, we offer a rental model for added flexibility.
  • Are you open to undertaking system development that is not related to hotels?
  • Yes, you are welcome to inquire about any type of software development.

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