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Hotel solution services accurately answer the needs of hotels and their guests for modernization and efficiency.
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With ASTA hotel check in system, hotel operation can be enhanced and be more efficient.

Insufficient employees can render the business operation slow. In order to enhance customer satisfaction, sales, and work efficiency, ASTA proudly present our kiosk solution, which is a product of long cultivated experience and expertise.

The problems

Customers often face difficulties and wait for a long period of time during Hotel Check-In/Out or Payment session. On the other hand, receptionists also often face the same problems in processing the customer information. This situation always leads to the problems where receptionists are unable to fulfill customers' requests and causes negligence of other more important tasks.

  • Time-comsuming check-in / check-out procedures cause long queue in front of the reception.
  • Miscommunication due to different languages will cause dissatisfaction and stress.

The asta solution

Customers can use hotel self check in kiosk to complete the Check-In/Out processes by themselves.

  • Easy to use, take at most 3 minutes to complete the process.
  • It comes with multilingual feature, voice guidance, LED lights, and user-friendly.

The Benefits

Not only the guests' waiting time can be shortened and stress-free, but also receptionists' burden can be lower and allocation of workforce will be more efficient.
For both guests and hotel, this will be a better operation model.

  • Guests are no longer needed to wait at front desk for check in/out. They can complete its process at hotel kiosk quicker and easier.
  • Misunderstanding and worry caused by language can be avoided. A stress-free process can improve customer satisfaction.

Case Study

A brand-new hotel experience with Hotel Kiosk at Komune Living

Komune Living

With ASTA Hotel Kiosk integrated with Infor HMS, seamless self-directed check-in/out process is made possible at Komune Living. Read More
Automation and Simplification of Check-In & Out process by Hotel Kiosk


We realized integration with Opera PMS of Oracle, which has big shares in the market of South-East Asian countries, and installed our Self Check-in & out KIOSK into IXORA Hotel of Penang States in Malaysia. Read More
More Case Study


Self Check-IN & OUT Kiosk (STANDARD model)

Automated check-in&out systems lower the amount of employee time needed because guests can complete procedures on their own.
Guests no longer worry about confusing procedures or waiting in line for counter service, resulting in more customer satisfaction of stay.
Also, guests can pay by credit card & QR at this kiosk.

Devices equipped are listed below.
- Second monitor for advertisement
- LCD touch panel monitor
- Barcode & QR scanner
- Thermal Printer
- Credit card terminal
- ID card reader
- Passport Scanner
- Room Keycard Dispenser
- Signature Pad (Optional)

Screen Flow Movie
Check-in : https://youtu.be/EpqQdNNws28
Check-out : https://youtu.be/CPXbCg9kfuU
Walk-in : https://youtu.be/PUug0GRKrUM

Check in

Check out

Walk in

Self Check-IN & OUT Kiosk (CABINET model)

Automated check-in&out systems lower the amount of employee time needed because guests can complete procedures on their own.
This kiosk is made by wooden cabinet and designed with compact.
Therefore, you can customize your ideal Kiosk form or size, functions depending on your needs and budget !!

Check in (1.Search Booking)

Check in (2.Identification)

Check in (3.Payment)

Self Check-IN & OUT Kiosk (DESIGN model)

Automated check-in&out systems lower the amount of employee time needed because guests can complete procedures on their own.
Guests can pay by not only credit card & QR but also cash (Optionally) so they can complete all process together.

Design and Color, Equipped Device of this Kiosk can be customized for your Hotel Concept freely!!

Stay Concierge (ANDROID & iOS APP)

New Release to Hotel Guest Supportive App !!

・Faster Check-IN at Front Desk and Faster In-Room Operation
・Self-Operation for the whole process enables hotel management to allocate higher efficiency of staff workload.
・Better Hospitality Service leads to get repeater.

◆Product Function (Support App of Android & iOS)
Booking, Check Booking History, Push Stay Notification, Hotel Information & Promotion etc
Check-IN by QR code, Key Lock Open, Room Service Ordering, Wi-Fi Information etc
Questionnaire, E-Receipt etc

◆Product Feature
・Screen Layout, Background Image, Main Color can be customized to Hotel Concept. Hotel also can attach its Logo, Character etc.
・App can be integrated with the Hotel existing PMS system. Key Lock System, Membership System also can be integrated. (To be discussed)
・Link with Payment Platform
・Multilingual Support

Safety Point (Tabletop Cashless Vending Machine)

'Safety Point' is a Tabletop Vending Machine developed with social contribution in mind, in order to support public health protection against COVID-19.
With only a small footprint, the non-refrigerated machine can accommodate various protection materials such as masks and sanitizing gel that are required for daily safety precautions.
A simple design with an intuitive function, this vending machine is suitable for the reception area of hotel entrance or lobby, each floor public space to provide an additional products for the customers and visitors.

Guests can get necessary items anytime (24/7).
For safety, it is no need to communicate with hotel staff and ready-to-connect with NFC payment allowing the contactless transactions.
Hotel will expect addtional profit by selling items and improving their hospitality.

G-Snack SM8 Master

An evolutionary snack machine presented with a new look.
A spacious and brightly illuminated showcase enhances the product display and user appetite.
New user friendly features offer a large display in blue characters with a new easy door latching system.
New software features of shelf detection and secure vending system make the machine complete.
Install it at hotel's Lobby/Floor landing area/Elevator hall enable guests to buy light meals/snacks/drinks conveniently. Hotel can easily get upsale without excessive promotion to their guests and easier cash management too.

Please check the specification (5th product photo) on the left.

Contact-less Touch Screen

Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor enables the user to use or operate the screen of the machines without touching the screen itself with fingers because it can sense the movement of fingers or hands within 5~25mm from the monitor by irradiating the surface of the touch panel monitor with Infrared Radiation (IR). This new product can be easily installed to your existing touch panel monitors at reasonable price because it does not require replacement of monitors. The piece of Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor will be placed on top and overlaying any of the touch panel monitors available in the market, it will function and provide the amazing contactless touch screen experience simply by connecting it with the USB and power supply. We have a diverse lineup of touch panel monitor sizes, starting from 19 inches until 55 inches, and we are open to accept orders for customized sizes other than the lineup too.
People are getting anxiety on infection and has higher consciousness on infection prevention due to the Covid-19 pandemic nowadays. Our Contactless Touch Panel Monitor is the right solution for companies, business entities and premises which are facing and having needs in reducing the anxiety and enhancing the infection prevention of their customers and employees. 

< Product Line-Up >
Bezel Size(428.8W X 354.8H), Active Touch Area(378.0W X 303.0H)
Bezel Size(523.6W X 314.6H), Active Touch Area(476.6W X 268.2H)
Bezel Size(644.6W X 380.6H), Active Touch Area(596.8W X 335.7H)
Bezel Size(743.5W X 441.0H), Active Touch Area(697.7W X 392.3H)
Bezel Size(1011.6W X 599.6H), Active Touch Area(965.3W X 523.3H)
Bezel Size(1255.1W X 727.0H), Active Touch Area(1209.6W X 680.4H)

< Suitable for >
▼ Installation on ticket vending machine of F&B and public facilities like train stations 
▼ Installation on shopping mall directory and office building directory
▼ Installation on the POS monitor of restaurants and retail stores
▼ Installation on our hotel kiosk   etc

- Software Development -

As our policy, We not only provide our developed software for automation/self-service but also want to help your operation improvement (including not related automation/self-service as well).

If you consider new software/system development for your business, please feel free to discuss with us.


  • 【General】Can our current reception counter’s Registration, all be automatized by ASTA Kiosk ?
  • Possible, we will study your current flow first and then suggest the most appropriate and cost effective automation solution.
    Our sophisticated Kiosk function can cover your receptionist task and responsibility.
  • 【General】We don't have sufficient budget.
  • We can provide various kind of Kiosk Models which can fit your budget.
    Or we can install only our software into hardware devices that you arrange by yourself to save your cost.
  • 【Integration】Can ASTA Kiosk integrate with our current PMS (host system) or Key Card system ?
  • Yes, basically we can integrate with your PMS and Key Card System.
  • 【Integration】We don't use any PMS or Booking Management system. Can we install ASTA Kiosk ?
  • Yes, we can offer our PMS partner or own Simple Booking system developed for Kiosk usage.
  • 【Software】Is language selection on the screen and voice guidance available ?
  • Yes, you can choose freely up to 4 languages (you can increase optionally).
  • 【Software】Can I customize the screen design and flow for hotel's concept ?
  • Yes, we can develop and customize them.
    We will discuss about them for collaboration between your requirement and our knowledge/experience.
  • 【Hardware】Can ASTA Kiosk's color or design be modified to match our hotel’s interior design ?
  • Yes, we can provide custom-made Kiosk with various design and color following your hotel concepts.
  • 【Software Development】Can I ask system development which not related hotel ?
  • Yes, you can ask any kind of software development.

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