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Enhance customer satisfaction by optimizing restaurant operations for increased efficiency and speed.

ASTA offers a range of products designed for both customers and restaurant staff, creating an environment where customers can enjoy their meals, and staff can work in a stress-free setting.

The problems

Customers may encounter challenges while dining in a restaurant. For instance, waitstaff may not promptly attend to customers, menus may be difficult to understand, requiring frequent assistance from waitstaff. Additionally, staff may be overwhelmed and could overlook certain orders.

  • Customer dissatisfaction resulting from the inability of busy employees addressing inquiries.
  • Unable to spare time to add menu items and train employees, hindering efforts to boost sales.

The asta solution

From the customer's ordering to food service, every step is automated and easily visualized.

  • Through e-Menu or a ticket vending machine, customers can swiftly order food from an easily accessible menu, ensuring a faster process.
  • Kitchen display monitor will list out the orders, and a printer will be positioned in the kitchen for efficient order processing and serving.

The Benefits

Streamlining restaurant operations can make them faster and less stressful, leading to increased satisfaction for both customers and staff. Improved sales activities can also be achieved as a result.

  • Efficient order processing minimizes errors and allows employees more time for direct customer service, consequently reducing waiting times.
  • Boosting sales and customer satisfaction is achievable by enhancing service quality through the labor-saving benefits and increased efficiency gained.

Case Study

Food & Beverage
Experience the Renewed Senya Family Izakaya: Delicious Japanese Cuisine with Modern Convenience!

Senya Publika

Senya Family Izakaya at Publika has been renewed, continuing to serve popular Japanese dishes with a modern twist. Click in to check out more! Read More
Food & Beverage
Discover the Freshest Udon in Town: Miyatake Sanuki Udon at TRX!

Miyatake Sanuki Udon @ Seibu TRX

ASTA is excited to announce second implementation of our e-menu at the new branch of Miyatake Sanuki Udon at Seibu TRX! Click in to read more. Read More
Food & Beverage
Discover the Future of Dining with ASTA's e-Menu System at Sobakichi!


ASTA is excited to introduce you to a new dining experience at Sobakichi, where tradition meets technology in a symphony of flavors! Read More
More Case Study


Restaurant Smart App

Boost your restaurant sales with the ultimate mobile app for the food and beverage industry. Our app offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. Reward your loyal customers with coupons, points, and exclusive membership benefits, encouraging repeat visits and fostering brand loyalty. Seamlessly integrate a booking system to manage reservations and a secure payment system for hassle-free transactions. Elevate your restaurant's efficiency and customer satisfaction by embracing the power of this innovative app.

E-menu / Table Top Ordering (TTO)

E-menu or Table Top Ordering (TTO) is an interactive and innovative food ordering system, replacing traditional paper menus. Customers can browse and choose food items at their own pace. Orders made through the e-menu are instantly sent to the kitchen and POS system, minimizing communication barriers between waiters and diners.

✅ Unlimited listing of menus & beverage
✅ Add-ons, Upsell pop-ups & Menu Description
✅ Order History and Total Amount
✅ Chef's Recommendation, Advertisement & Promotion
✅ Built in "Call Staff" Button
✅ Multilingual setting
✅ Easy update on e-Menu by your staff!
✅ Backend reporting for management

The standout features include:
⭕ Waterproof         ⭕ Oilproof         ⭕ Shockproof

Designed for Yakiniku and Hotpot restaurants, our e-menus are durable, resistant to high temperatures, and immune to tampering, making them worry-free, especially around kids. Enquiry here now!

Western Cuisine

Yakiniku Restaurant

Sushi House

TTO Backend System

The TTO Controller Application, also known as Floor Manager, is installed on-site to assist restaurant managers in monitoring and controlling the status of e-menu devices. It simplifies menu setting adjustments and is included with the purchase of the TTO terminal.

Top Menu
📌 Overview of table status, including Check-IN/OUT, total amount, and time.
📌 Battery status check for e-menu assigned to each table.

Table Details Status
📌 Detailed information on a selected table, such as Terminal ID, battery percentage, menu book type, and usage details.
📌 Remote control for power (on/off) and maintenance reset.

Menu Book Selection
📌 Easily switch menu settings for all TTO terminals, accommodating various menu types based on the day or time.

Goods-off Setting
📌 Quickly close the ordering button for all terminals if a menu item is out of stock.

Kitchen Display System

ASTA's Kitchen Display System (KDS) can be linked with our e-menu tablet, aiding in accelerating and coordinating kitchen operations. Designed to be user-friendly and easily operated, it helps save time on staff retraining, especially in busy restaurants with limited manpower.

Whenever a customer places an order, it is directly sent to the kitchen for immediate food preparation. This not only saves time but also reduces communication errors between waiters and chefs. Once the food is ready, an item slip is printed and accurately recorded in the serving history.

KDS Features
📌 New Order List: Displays dish name, table number, quantity.
📌 Elapsed Time: Showing preparation time after order is received.
📌 Fireline Setting: Ordered menu to be sent to assigned KDS accordingly.
📌 Waiter Print Slip: Slip indicating dish name, table number.
📌 Serving History: Showing served dish name, table number, quantity, "Reprint" button.
📌 Bilingual Support: English, Japanese

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Ticket Vending Machine

Food ordering made easy in less than 5 minutes!

We bring forth the famous Japanese ticket vending machine technology. Say no more to long queue and traditional food ordering system. Discover a dining experience designed for your customer's comfort and convenience!

✅ Customisable functions, design, concept
✅ Faster ordering process resulting in higher sales turnover
✅ Upsell pop-ups to boost sales
✅ Personalised promotional video and advertisement  
✅ Attractive and user-friendly interface
✅ Able to interface with your loyalty platform & membership 
✅ Multiligual selection
✅ Payment options for credit/debit card, e-wallet & cash
✅ Backend reporting and real-time management

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Food Delivery Robot

With the robot waiters and waitresses, your customers will definitely be fascinated to visit a second or third time, eventually becoming your regulars not only because of your food, but also because of your friendly and welcoming servers!

Introducing Ketty Bot and Bella Bot, both are servicing bots that are able to help:

😸 Increase customer satisfaction with timely food service and helpful assistance
😸 Improve dining environment, fostering communication among customers
😸 Servers to have more availability addressing impromptu inquiries
😸 Even distribution of staff workload, making tasks easier
😸 Enhance connections among friends, dates, and children with interactive and eye-catching bots like Ketty and Bella

Turn an awkward date into a fun moment, and turn a kid’s tantrum session into a Q&A session to introduce technology to the younger generation.

Cleaning Robots

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a huge concern in F&B related industries, where we have governmental certified ratings as well as ratings on the internet for the various eateries. It can be difficult to make sure that the floor is clean, especially when there’s a huge possibility where customers may spill food or drinks. Check out our cleaning agents below!

✨All-in-one Floor Cleaning: Vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping and dust mopping.
✨Strong Passability & Floor Type Recognition

Vacuum 40
✨3-in-1 Cleaning with optional sanitizing/scenting diffusion.
✨24 KPA Powerful Suction + H13 HEPA Filter

Scrubber 50 
✨4-in-1 cleaning integrating scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping and sanitizing.
✨Auto Spot Cleaning with Minimal Human Intervention

Gausium’s cleaning robots have been known to deal with such situations, and they perform the tasks well and effectively. Contact us for a free demonstration now!


  • Is it possible for ASTA's ordering products to integrate with our existing POS system?
  • Yes, it is possible, but it depends on the specifications of the POS system. If integration is not feasible, we can suggest a stand-alone operation using our products.
  • Can ASTA ordering products be installed if we are not using a POS system or if our POS is outdated?
  • In such a scenario, we can introduce you to our POS partner company or suggest a stand-alone operation using our products.
  • Is it possible to customize the screen design of the e-menu?
  • Certainly, you may customize the screen design as you wish.
  • Is it possible to display advertisements or videos on the screen?
  • Yes, you can display advertisements or videos on the screen. We also have the capability to integrate this feature during the sleep mode. When customers are not actively placing orders, the e-menu transitions to a mini display screen, presenting your restaurant's advertisements and promotional videos.
  • Is it possible for ASTA products to switch between different languages?
  • Yes, you have the option to select up to 4 languages.
  • Is it possible for our staff to easily edit the e-menu?
  • We provide a user-friendly editing software that even your staff can easily operate for menu updates and customization.
  • We do not have sufficient budget.
  • We offer a variety of solutions that can align with your budget.
  • Are you open to undertaking system development that is not related to hotels?
  • Yes, you are welcome to inquire about any type of software development.

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