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Increase customer satisfaction by improving restaurant operation more efficiently and faster

ASTA has a variety of products for both customers and restaurants' staff. These realize the situation that customers enjoy their meal and their staff work with stress-free environment.

The problems To be solved in restaurants

Customers may face difficulties when dining in a restaurant. For example: waiter/waitress do not come to serve customers, difficult to understand Menu given and often need to ask waiter/waitress. Besides, staff could be too busy and might forget some orders.

  • Customer dissatisfaction caused by inability of busy employees to answer questions.
  • Too busy to find the time to add menu items and train employees in order to increase sales.

The asta solution

From customer's ordering process to serving food, all processes are automated and can be visualized easily.

  • By using emenu (TTO) or ticket vending machine (payment kiosk), customers can order food faster with easy menu.
  • Display monitor to show order list-up and printer will be placed in kitchen. The whole process from food ordering to serving can be more efficient and monitored easily.

The Benefits

Restaurant operation can be faster and less stressful, and this in turn can ensure the satisfaction of both customers and staffs. Sales activities will be better too.

  • The efficient receipt of orders reduces errors and employees have more time for directly serving customers, which reduces waiting times.
  • Increases sales and customer satisfaction by improving the quality of services due to labor-saving benefits and higher efficiency.

Case Study

Food & Beverage
Collaboration Project with Big Apple – Launching of self-ordering kiosk at MyTown’s new branch!

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at MyTown

ASTA handled the installation of F&B automation system for Big Apple’s NEW branch located at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, which is the first project we had with Big Apple. Read More
Food & Beverage
ASTA's E-menu solution at Kouen Thailand

Kouen (I'mpark)

Our E-Menu was installed into the Kouen Sushi Bar in Bnagkok as the 2nd project with Kouen Group.
Restaurant operation starting from customer ordering to waiter serving can be more efficient and faster. Read More
Food & Beverage
Ordering automation for Sushi Restaurant in Bangkok

KOUEN (Empire Tower)

By installing our E-menu, restaurant operation starting from customer ordering to waiter serving is more smooth and faster. Read More
More Case Study


E-menu | TTO (Table Top Ordering)

E-menu | TTO (Table Top Ordering) is an interactive food ordering system and an innovative alternative to traditional paper menus.
With our e-menu restaurant, your customer can look through all the food items and make their choice at their own pace. Once food items are ordered via e-menu, the information will be sent to kitchen and POS system instantly.
It can also show
- Today's recommendation or promotion
- Ordering History and Total Amount
- Advertisement
And our e-menu is water-resistant and has shock absorder.

Customer satisfaction can be improved, and restaurant operations will be more effective.

Screen Sample (Restaurant)

Screen Sample (BBQ)

Kitchen Display System

KDS is linked with our e-menu ordering and helps to coordinate kitchen operations and make all processes more efficient.
It is user-friendly and same menu item can be grouped together for better process. Useful icons and various status colors are included to help coordinating kitchen operations.

KDS displays the order lists and other staus such as below.
- Quantity
- Table Number
- Elapsed Time
- Order history
Once the food is prepared, KDS can print the item slip for waiter.

Ticket Vending Machine

Food ordering made easy !
We bring forth the famous Japanese ticket vending machine technology and customers are no longer needed to follow traditional food ordering system.
Customers can make their orders without waiting staffs and the entire process is less than 5 minutes.
Our ticket vending machine comes with attractive and user-friendly interface, practical exterior design, and capable of receiving payment through 3 methods below.
Cash, Credit card, E-money 


  • Can restaurant do their own menu edit?
  • Yes, an editing tool will be provided.
  • Can customize the TTO screen design?
  • Yes, design customization can be done, even for each branches.
  • Can play ads or videos?
  • Yes, videos and images available.
  • Can change language?
  • Yes, up to 4 language.
  • Can integrate with other POS system?
  • Yes basically, but will depends on the POS specification too.

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