Variety of sophisticated products and flexible customization to supply customers with the ideal solution for every requirement
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Increase customer satisfaction by improving restaurant operation more efficiently and faster

ASTA has a variety of products for both customers and restaurants' staff. These realize the situation that customers enjoy their meal and their staff work with stress-free environment.

The problems

Customers may face difficulties when dining in a restaurant.
For example: waiter/waitress do not come to serve customers, difficult to understand Menu given and often need to ask waiter/waitress. Besides, staff could be too busy and might forget some orders.

  • Customer dissatisfaction caused by inability of busy employees to answer questions.
  • Too busy to find the time to add menu items and train employees in order to increase sales.

The asta solution

From customer's ordering process to serving food, all processes are automated and can be visualized easily.

  • By using emenu (TTO) or ticket vending machine (payment kiosk), customers can order food faster with easy menu.
  • Display monitor to show order list-up and printer will be placed in kitchen. The whole process from food ordering to serving can be more efficient and monitored easily.

The Benefits

Restaurant operation can be faster and less stressful, and this in turn can ensure the satisfaction of both customers and staffs. Sales activities will be better too.

  • The efficient receiving orders reduces errors and employees have more time for directly serving customers, which reduces waiting times.
  • Increases sales and customer satisfaction by improving the quality of services due to labor-saving benefits and higher efficiency.

Case Study

Food & Beverage
E-menu Ordering System for new Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant

Yakiniku Hinata at KL

ASTA installed E-menu Ordering System in Hinata, the new Yakiniku restaurant, for a faster and more efficient operation through self-ordering. Read More
Food & Beverage
ASTA installed their E-menu & KDS Monitor & Tablet into Japanese Sushi Bar.

Ichiro Sushi Bar @1 Utama (Sushi Train Group)

We installed E-menu and and Kitchen Display Monitor & Tablet to Japanese Sushi Bar 'Ichiro' in 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Malaysia. Read More
Food & Beverage
3rd Collaboration Project with Big Apple at NU Sentral

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at NU Sentral

We installed Self-Ordering & Payment Kiosk at the entrance.
Customers no longer wait and can choose their donuts by easy-to-read visible screen.
They can complete payment at the kiosk, so can collect their donuts faster. Read More
More Case Study


E-menu | TTO (Table Top Ordering)

E-menu | TTO (Table Top Ordering) is an interactive food ordering system and an innovative alternative to traditional paper menus.
With our e-menu restaurant, your customer can look through all the food items and make their choice at their own pace. Once food items are ordered via e-menu, the information will be sent to kitchen and POS system instantly.
It can also show
- Today's recommendation or promotion
- Ordering History and Total Amount
- Advertisement
And our e-menu is water-resistant and has shock absorder.

Customer satisfaction can be improved, and restaurant operations will be more effective.

Screen Sample (Restaurant)

Screen Sample (BBQ)

Floor Manager | TTO Control Application

E-menu (TTO) Controller Application (named Floor Manager), which should be installed into onsite PC, helps some manager of restaurant controlling and monitoring E-menu devices status, changing menu setting easily.
**This Application is included in TTO terminal purchase.

1-1. Top Menu
Top Menu shows all table status (Check-IN / OUT) and total amount & time of each table. In the check-in tables box, manager can check the battery status of E-menu which assigned to the table.
1-2. Table Details Status
Manager can tap a table on the Top Menu Screen and then see the table details status.The table details status includes these information of assigned E-menu below,
- Terminal ID & IP address
- Battery percentage
- Terminal's menu book type
- Check-IN time and Usage time
And remotely can turn on/off & reset for maintenance.

2. Menu Book Selection
The case that the restaurant has various menu type depending on the day (Monday-Sunday) or time (Morning/Lunch/Dinner), Manager can switch the menu setting of all TTO terminals easily.

3. Goods-off Setting
In the case that some menu item is out of stock, Manager can close the menu's  ordering button of all terminals immediately.

Floor Manager

Kitchen Display System

KDS is linked with our e-menu ordering and helps to coordinate kitchen operations and make all processes more efficient.
It is user-friendly and same menu item can be grouped together for better process. Useful icons and various status colors are included to help coordinating kitchen operations.

KDS displays the order lists and other staus such as below.
- Quantity
- Table Number
- Elapsed Time
- Order history
Once the food is prepared, KDS can print the item slip for waiter.

Ticket Vending Machine

Food ordering made easy !
We bring forth the famous Japanese ticket vending machine technology and customers are no longer needed to follow traditional food ordering system.
Customers can make their orders without waiting staffs and the entire process is less than 5 minutes.
Our ticket vending machine comes with attractive and user-friendly interface, practical exterior design, and capable of receiving payment through 3 methods below.
Cash, Credit card, E-money 

Safety Point (Tabletop Cashless Vending Machine)

'Safety Point' is a Tabletop Vending Machine developed with social contribution in mind, in order to support public health protection against COVID-19.
With only a small footprint, the non-refrigerated machine can accommodate various protection materials such as masks and sanitizing gel that are required for daily safety precautions.
A simple design with an intuitive function, this vending machine is suitable for the reception area of hotel entrance or lobby, each floor public space to provide an additional products for the customers and visitors.

Guests can get necessary items anytime (24/7).
For safety, it is no need to communicate with hotel staff and ready-to-connect with NFC payment allowing the contactless transactions.
Hotel will expect addtional profit by selling items and improving their hospitality.

G-Snack SM8 Master

An evolutionary snack machine presented with a new look.
A spacious and brightly illuminated showcase enhances the product display and user appetite.
New user friendly features offer a large display in blue characters with a new easy door latching system.
New software features of shelf detection and secure vending system make the machine complete.
Install it at Food Court/Shopping Mall/Entertainment Theme Park enable visitors to buy light meals/snacks/drinks conveniently. They can provide higher hospitality to them enhancing customer satisfaction. Also, they can get upsale without excessive promotion to customers and manage cash and stock transaction easier.

Please check the specification (5th product photo) on the left.

Contact-less Touch Screen

Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor enables the user to use or operate the screen of the machines without touching the screen itself with fingers because it can sense the movement of fingers or hands within 5~25mm from the monitor by irradiating the surface of the touch panel monitor with Infrared Radiation (IR). This new product can be easily installed to your existing touch panel monitors at reasonable price because it does not require replacement of monitors. The piece of Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor will be placed on top and overlaying any of the touch panel monitors available in the market, it will function and provide the amazing contactless touch screen experience simply by connecting it with the USB and power supply. We have a diverse lineup of touch panel monitor sizes, starting from 19 inches until 55 inches, and we are open to accept orders for customized sizes other than the lineup too.
People are getting anxiety on infection and has higher consciousness on infection prevention due to the Covid-19 pandemic nowadays. Our Contactless Touch Panel Monitor is the right solution for companies, business entities and premises which are facing and having needs in reducing the anxiety and enhancing the infection prevention of their customers and employees. 

< Product Line-Up >
Bezel Size(428.8W X 354.8H), Active Touch Area(378.0W X 303.0H)
Bezel Size(523.6W X 314.6H), Active Touch Area(476.6W X 268.2H)
Bezel Size(644.6W X 380.6H), Active Touch Area(596.8W X 335.7H)
Bezel Size(743.5W X 441.0H), Active Touch Area(697.7W X 392.3H)
Bezel Size(1011.6W X 599.6H), Active Touch Area(965.3W X 523.3H)
Bezel Size(1255.1W X 727.0H), Active Touch Area(1209.6W X 680.4H)

< Suitable for >
▼ Installation on ticket vending machine of F&B and public facilities like train stations 
▼ Installation on shopping mall directory and office building directory
▼ Installation on the POS monitor of restaurants and retail stores   etc

- Software Development -

As our policy, We not only provide our developed software for automation/self-service but also want to help your operation improvement (including not related automation/self-service as well).

If you consider new software/system development for your business, please feel free to discuss with us.


  • 【Integration】Can ASTA ordering products integrate with current POS system ?
  • Yes basically, but depends on the POS specification.
    Even if cannot integrate, we can propose stand-alone operation with our products.
  • 【Integration】We don't use any POS or use too old POS. Can we install ASTA ordering products ?
  • In that case, we can introduce our POS partner company or propose stand-alone operation with our products.
  • 【Software】Can ASTA products switch various languages ?
  • Yes, you can choose up to 4 languages.
  • 【Software】Can we customize E-menu screen design ?
  • Yes, you can customize screen design freely.
  • 【Software】Can we play ads or videos in the screen ?
  • Yes, videos and images available.
  • 【Software】Can we do own menu edit to E-menu ?
  • Yes, an easy editing tool will be provided.
  • 【General】We don't have sufficient budget.
  • We can provide various kind of solution which can fit your budget.
  • 【Software Development】Can I ask system development which not related F&B ?
  • Yes, you can ask any kind of software development.

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