All-inclusive hospital service system extending from reception to examination, hospital care and payments
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Efficiently handle large volumes of reception procedures

This system incorporates expertise gained from many years of providing efficient reception system for applications ranging from university hospitals to small clinics. The development of system solutions that look ahead to future needs of users results in fast and total support for medical institutions while executing the automated operation to every section.

The problems To solve in the hospital

Patients often wait too long due to many procedure in hospital and they have no choice but to wait as they are not aware when is their turn.

  • Long queue and crowding at hospital registration counter
  • Insufficient receptionist to accommodate large numbers of patients
  • Annoyance caused by patients' inability to know how long to wait

The asta solution

Automatize the whole process of Registration - Waiting & Calling - Payment - Medication

  • Installing Registration Kiosk to complete registration by patient's own
  • By Queue Number Display, all patients' queue status in the hospital can be checked.
  • Installing Payment hospital Kiosk to reduce the time for counting bill and payment procedure

The Benefits Of using the system

All process for both patients and staffs in hospital become much faster and effective. Annoyance and worry are eliminated and patients' satisfaction can be improved.

  • By kiosk registration, no waiting time and reduce the burden of receptionist
  • The whole process for patient becomes faster and efficient and in turn their annoyance is eliminated.
  • Patients can spend their waiting time effectively by knowing how much longer they should wait.

Case Study

Automation for Registration of pediatric and urology, ENT

Adventist Hospital (Specialist Complex L4)

We installed our kiosk for registration of a few department.
They can register at the kiosk and get Queue number slip.
After that go to each department station and waiting until callng their number. Read More
Automation for the whole process of medical check by our Queue Management System


We realized automatized process of medical check from registration - cashier - observation - imaging exam - doctor consultation by our Queue Management System.
We installed Queue Calling system and Queue number display.
St... Read More
Automation for Registration and Assessment / Procedure Examination process of Heart Centre by our Self Registration KIOSK and Queue Management System.

Adventist Hospital (Heart Centre)

Before this, more than 100 patients visit Heart Centre of Adventist Hospital everyday causing the process from registration to assessment and procedure tends to be jam and waiting space is crowded.
To solve this big problem, we in... Read More
More Case Study


Registration Kiosk

Automated registration system lowers patient's waiting time and enable them to complete the process on their own. Outpatients receive a reception number automatically by simply inserting an hospital ID card or scanning identification. Automating this procedure helps reduce workload of receptionists. Also, consultation fee can be paid by credit card.

Cash Payment Kiosk

Automated registration system lowers patient's waiting time and enable them to complete the process on their own. Patients can pay by credit card or cash. With kiosk, they can complete all process together.


Queue Management System

This system diplays queue numbers so that staffs do not need to announce and can guide patients to their assessment / consultation rooms smoothly. Patients can know how much longer should wait and the operation flow in each waiting area become more efficient. This system can be used for consultation queue system, payment queue system, billing queue system as well.

Sma-pa Application

The application for support of Queue Management System. This is connected with onsite queue system always so that patients can check their status by their mobile phone and able to manage their time easily.


  • Can Kiosk integrate with our current HIS (host system)?
  • Yes basically, but will depends on the HIS specification too.
  • Can Kiosk integrate with other queue system vendors?
  • Yes basically, but will depends on the queue system specification too.
  • Is language selection on screen and voice guidance available?
  • Yes, up to 4 language selections.
  • Can I display hospital logo on screen?
  • Yes.
  • Can I have both reception & card payment in one Kiosk?
  • Yes. Reception and Payment procedure can be select on screen.
  • Can our current reception counter’s registration & payment flow, all be automatized at Kiosk?
  • Possible, we will study your current flow and suggest the most appropriate and cost effective automation solution.

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