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Make faster and efficient operation for Hospital and their patients

ASTA have 25 years experience to solve various situations in hospital in Japan. We can offer the best solutions of hardware and software. Our hospital Kiosk reduces the congestion at the reception counter. Our Queue Management System helps doctors call efficiently and thus removes patients stress during waiting.

The problems

Patients often wait too long due to many procedure in hospital and they have no choice but to wait as they are not aware when is their turn.

  • Long queue and crowding at hospital registration counter
  • Insufficient receptionist to accommodate large numbers of patients
  • Annoyance caused by patients' inability to know how long to wait

The asta solution

Automatize the whole process of Registration - Waiting & Calling - Payment - Medication

  • Installing Registration Kiosk to complete registration by patient's own
  • By Queue Number Display, all patients' queue status in the hospital can be checked.
  • Installing Payment hospital Kiosk to reduce the time for counting bill and payment procedure

The Benefits

All process for both patients and staffs in hospital become much faster and effective. Annoyance and worry are eliminated and patients' satisfaction can be improved.

  • By kiosk registration, no waiting time and reduce the burden of receptionist
  • The whole process for patient becomes faster and efficient and in turn their annoyance is eliminated.
  • Patients can spend their waiting time effectively by knowing how much longer they should wait.

Case Study

Mahkota Medical Centre Go-Live Success!

Mahkota Medical Centre

Our kiosks in Mahkota Medical Centre has successfully Go-Live on 28th January 2023! Read More
Effective Queue Management System upon your visit to Lifecare Cheras!

LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre, Cheras South

Following the success of ASTA’s Hospital Solutions in Lifecare Clinic Bangsar, we are pleased to work together again with Lifecare’s 2nd project in Lifecare Clinic Cheras as well. Click in to read more! Read More
Healthcare with Technology Transformation - Penang Adventist Hospital

Penang Adventist Hospital

4th installation of Hospital Hybrid Kiosk happening at Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH). Check out more inside! Read More
More Case Study


Registration Kiosk

Automated registration system lowers patient's waiting time and enable them to complete the process on their own.
Outpatients receive a reception number automatically by simply inserting an hospital ID card or scanning identification.
Automating this procedure helps reduce workload of receptionists. Also, consultation fee can be paid by credit card or QR.

Devices equipped are listed below.
- Second monitor for advertisement
- LCD touch panel monitor
- Barcode & QR scanner
- Thermal Printer
- Credit card terminal
- ID card reader
- Passport Scanner (Optional)

Screen Sample (Registration)

Desktop Registration Kiosk

New Release !!

・Simple and user-friendly kiosk enables patients to complete the registration themselves, it is faster and thus solve reduce the congestion at the reception counter.
・The previously-manual procedures, such as confirmation of appointment and ID registration, are replaced and being taken out at Desktop Registration Kiosk, allowing the hospital staffs to focus more on providing professional services to the patients. This leads to better hospitality to patients and higher efficiency of staff task allocation.

◆Product Feature
・Compact Design is more reasonable and easier placement.
・Kiosk Enclosure is customizable, the color, pattern and hardware devices are all available for customization.
・Interface with HIS or Appointment System (To be discussed)

◆Basic Device (To be discussed)
・RCS 17" Ultra Thin LED Touch Monitor
・ID card reader
・Thermal Printer for Registration Slip

Payment Kiosk

Automated registration system lowers patient's waiting time and enable them to complete the process on their own.
Patients can pay by credit card QR, cash as well. With kiosk, they can complete all process together.

Devices equipped are listed below.
- LCD touch panel monitor
- Barcode & QR scanner
- Thermal Printer
- Credit card terminal
- ID card reader
- Passport Scanner (Optional)
- Cash Note Dispenser (Optional)

Screen Sample (Payment)

Queue Management System

This system diplays queue numbers so that staffs do not need to announce and can guide patients to their assessment / consultation rooms smoothly.
Patients can know how much longer should wait and the operation flow in each waiting area become more efficient.
This system can be used for consultation queue system, payment queue system, billing queue system as well.

Mobile Application (MyKlinik, Sma-pa)

Mobile Application with 2 main function as below.

1. Make Appointment to Hospital Visit
Out-patient can make appointment to Hospital Visit and complete payment.
And then issue QR code to register faster at arrival to Hospital.

2. Support of Queue Management System
This is connected with onsite queue system always so that patients can check their status by their mobile phone and able to manage their time easily.


We are excited to announce that Gausium’s cleaning robots are joining our product line-up for hotel category, as we strongly believe that the cleaning robots are capable of lightening the burdens of hotel staffs, while successfully ensuring proper cleaning is done.

Here are some of the models that are recommended for hotel lines with different capabilities to fit different surfaces, so that you may be able to select the ones that are able to assist your needs.


Contact-less Touch Screen

Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor enables the user to use or operate the screen of the machines without touching the screen itself with fingers because it can sense the movement of fingers or hands within 5~25mm from the monitor by irradiating the surface of the touch panel monitor with Infrared Radiation (IR). This new product can be easily installed to your existing touch panel monitors at reasonable price because it does not require replacement of monitors. The piece of Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor will be placed on top and overlaying any of the touch panel monitors available in the market, it will function and provide the amazing contactless touch screen experience simply by connecting it with the USB and power supply. We have a diverse lineup of touch panel monitor sizes, starting from 19 inches until 55 inches, and we are open to accept orders for customized sizes other than the lineup too.
People are getting anxiety on infection and has higher consciousness on infection prevention due to the Covid-19 pandemic nowadays. Our Contactless Touch Panel Monitor is the right solution for companies, business entities and premises which are facing and having needs in reducing the anxiety and enhancing the infection prevention of their customers and employees. 

< Product Line-Up >
Bezel Size(428.8W X 354.8H), Active Touch Area(378.0W X 303.0H)
Bezel Size(523.6W X 314.6H), Active Touch Area(476.6W X 268.2H)
Bezel Size(644.6W X 380.6H), Active Touch Area(596.8W X 335.7H)
Bezel Size(743.5W X 441.0H), Active Touch Area(697.7W X 392.3H)
Bezel Size(1011.6W X 599.6H), Active Touch Area(965.3W X 523.3H)
Bezel Size(1255.1W X 727.0H), Active Touch Area(1209.6W X 680.4H)

< Suitable for >
▼ Installation on ticket vending machine of F&B and public facilities like train stations 
▼ Installation on shopping mall directory and office building directory
▼ Installation on the POS monitor of restaurants and retail stores
▼ Installation on our hospital kiosk   etc

desknet's NEO

Desknet’s NEO is one of the collaborative group software out there that provides a category of tools and platforms that facilitate teamwork and communication among team members. These software solutions are designed to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and improve productivity.

Some of the key features of Desknet’s NEO include:

Communication Tools: There are various tools, such as NEO Tweets, Direct Message, and Information Announcements in this groupware, allowing communication between employees to be done easily, as well as to have top management to be able to disseminate information among employees.

File Uploads: File management can be done easily and saved for easier future access. Not to mention that documents that require approval from various levels can be escalated accordingly as long as the path flow is set. Leave approval, budget approval, etc. can now be completed quickly.

Calendars and Scheduling: Shared calendars are extremely important if we require members of various departments to get together for a particular project. This facilitates effective time management, avoids scheduling conflicts, and ensures that everyone is aware of important events and milestones.

Overall, Desknet’s NEO empowers teams to work together more effectively, fostering communication, coordination, and productivity. By providing a centralized platform for these tasks, workflows are streamlined and teamwork can now be seamless, regardless of physical location.

- Software Development -

As our policy, We not only provide our developed software for automation/self-service but also want to help your operation improvement (including not related automation/self-service as well).

If you consider new software/system development for your business, please feel free to discuss with us.


  • 【General】Can our current reception counter’s registration, all be automatized by ASTA Kiosk ?
  • Possible, we will study your current flow first and then suggest the most appropriate and cost effective automation solution.
    Our sophisticated Kiosk function can cover your receptionist task and responsibility.
  • 【General】We don't have sufficient budget.
  • We can provide various kind of Kiosk Models which can fit your budget.
    Or we can install only our software into hardware devices that you arrange by yourself to save your cost.
  • 【Integration】Can ASTA Kiosk integrate with our current HIS (host system) ?
  • Yes basically, but will depends on the HIS specification.
  • 【Integration】We use too old HIS or Appointment Management system. Can we install ASTA Kiosk ?
  • Yes, we can offer our own Simple Booking system developed for Kiosk usage.
  • 【Software】Is language selection on the screen and voice guidance available ?
  • Yes, you can choose freely up to 4 languages (you can increase optionally).
  • 【Software】Can I customize the screen design and flow for hotel's concept ? Can I display Hospital LOGO on the screen ?
  • Yes, we can develop and customize them.
    We will discuss about them for collaboration between your requirement and our knowledge/experience.
  • 【Hardware】Can ASTA Kiosk's color or design be modified to match our hotel’s interior design ?
  • Yes, we can provide custom-made Kiosk with various design and color following your hotel concepts.
  • 【Payment】What kind of payment method can patients use ?
  • They can use Credit Card settlement and E-wallet(QR) settlement as standard.
    Optionally, we can add cash payment device and function.
  • 【Software Development】Can I ask system development which not related hospital ?
  • Yes, you can ask any kind of software development.

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