Putra Specialist Hospital, Melaka is Now One of ASTA’s User!



April 2024
Client name
Putra Specialist Hospital, Melaka
169, Jalan Bendahara, Pengkalan Rama, 75100 Melaka
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A new self-registration and payment kiosk has been installed in Putra Specialist Hospital earlier this year, and it has been going smoothly and successfully.

One of ASTA’s goals is to tailor solutions and services according to the needs of our customers
, providing the necessary kiosk fabrication based on the registration process of PSH. This customized kiosk includes a biometric MyKad reader, complying and answering to the hospital’s current practice. With this, the hospital staffs can focus more on the necessary tasks, cutting down queues and waiting time.

Contact us to find out how your requirements can be answered as we work together to find a desired solution to finetune your registration process and to provide a comfortable experience for the patients