Privacy policy

ALMEX INC. (hereinafter, the “Company”) recognizes the Company’s responsibility to society to properly handle personal information in the performance of our sales, design, development, production, and service business activities, and we will properly and sincerely handle such information. With awareness of the importance of personal information protection, in our implementation of the Company’s “Compliance Program” concerning personal information protection, we pledge to enforce the Company’s personal information protection policy as indicated below.
  1. At times when it is necessary to gather, use, or provide personal information in conjunction with business activities, we will handle that information using appropriate and fair methods in conformity with internal rules. The Company will not use the customer’s personal information for any purpose other than the notified purposes without obtaining the permission of the customer.
  2. However, in cases where the disclosure or providing of personal information is demanded through procedures prescribed in laws or regulations, we will act in accordance with those demands.
  3. Under our Basic Policy for Information Security, we will appropriately manage personal information, and we will take suitable measures with respect to the prevention and rectification of unauthorized access and personal information loss, leakage, tampering, destruction, etc.
  4. So that employees and others understand the importance of personal information protection and properly handle personal information, we will implement the necessary educational activities in order to spread knowledge of our “Personal Information Protection Guidelines” throughout the Company.
  5. The Company will comply with Japan’s laws and regulations and other ordinances and standards concerning personal information protection.
  6. The Company will work to insure the effective functioning of personal information protection through the ongoing revision of our Compliance Program.


ALMEX INC. (hereinafter, the “Company”) is making a strong effort to improve its technology and educate our employees so that we can provide products and services that will greatly satisfy customers. For this purpose, the Company will make effective use of the necessary information assets and make every effort to insure safety and reliability with respect to information security measures. To be worthy of the trust of our customers and society, at the Company we have enacted, as indicated below, the Basic Policy for Information Security as guidelines for protection of information assets, and we pledge that employees will conform to and implement this policy.
  1. In the operation of the Company’s business, with the objective of insuring the security of all information assets that should be protected, we will take appropriate security measures in accordance with the importance of those information assets. In cases where information assets are to be gathered, used, or provided, this will be appropriately done based on internal rules.
  2. We will manage information asset accuracy and safety by taking preventive measures to protect customer and Company information assets from various security risks (threats).
  3. We will carry out the necessary education and training in an effort to keep people informed so that employees and others are aware of the importance of information security and properly use information assets.
  4. We will comply with Japan’s laws and regulations and other ordinances and standards concerning information security.
  5. The Company will improve and implement the above activities on an ongoing basis, and it will work to insure that we are able handle new threats.
March 4, 2015