Kimeda Revolutionizing Registration Process with ASTA



News Customization
Event date
18 January 2024
Event venue
Kimeda Sdn Bhd
Taman Seri Dua Belas, Kapar, Selangor
At ASTA, our commitment lies in delivering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and specifications. It is with great pride that we share our recent collaboration with Kimeda, a logistics service provider with four decades of industry experience and a network of warehouses.

Recognizing our ability to innovate, Kimeda entrusted us with their requirements. Together, we have developed a registration kiosk aimed at enhancing the efficiency and convenience of both Kimeda and their logistic partners. This solution has notably alleviated traffic congestion on-site, improved crowd management, facilitated seamless data registration, and reduced safety hazards.

Besides, we have cooperated with Kimeda to come up with a design that fits in perfectly into their designated spot, allowing the exterior to look clean as though the registration kiosk is built into their building.

We invite you to connect with us to explore how our expertise can assist you and your team in optimizing your operational processes.