ASTA installed their E-menu & KDS Monitor & Tablet into Japanese Sushi Bar.



Food & Beverage
11 / Feb / 2021
Client name
Ichiro Sushi Bar @1 Utama (Sushi Train Group)
Bandar Utama, Second Floor, Eat Paradise, Isetan One Utama Shopping Centre
We installed E-menu and and Kitchen Display Monitor & Tablet to Japanese Sushi Bar in 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Malaysia.

By our E-menu(TTO) solution will send the customer order to kitchen faster and smoothly
and our Kitchen Display system will help kitchen staffs catch up their order immediately and manage easier by user-friendly screen.

And at this project, we newly developed and installed Kitchen Display 'TABLET' in accordance with the kitchen environment (Space and Cabling).
It can be placed more easily to anywhere with Wifi in Kitchen.

Our E-menu and Kitchen Display System is designed iteself as high hospitality UI(User Interface) and improved always. In addition, we can fit customer requirement about system architecture.
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